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All the reasons why you should use Phown

Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Probably the world's most beautiful backup
Your Phown account allows you keep an online backup of your phone calls and messages. It's the easiest way to guard your information in an accessible way.

Detailed access to calls and messages
Get all the details about your phone communications: who you called, who called you, what messages you sent and received, how long your conversations were, etc.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Centralized communications per person
See all your phone communications with a given person in a single page. Read through your message history, compare the number of incoming versus outgoing calls, know the number of words in sent and received messages, and more.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Powerful analytics and insights
Get the facts on how you use your phone with statistics and graphical visualizations of your calls, your messages and the people you communicate with.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Monthly Reports
Keep a monthly tab on your phone usage and know exactly how often and how much you used your phone, and with whom. Phown will email you this report at the end of each month.

Data exports
Download your monthly reports in spreadsheet format and run your own analysis and workflows.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Easy imports for iPhone via Mac
Do you have a recent Mac? Use the free Phown Importer for Mac utility to easily import your communications from your iTunes backup, created automatically every time you sync your iPhone.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Automatic imports for Android
Tens of thousands of Android users already backup their communications onto Gmail, and Phown can automatically import them.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones Manybots' Phown - Own your phones Manybots' Phown - Own your phones Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Control and security
Your data is transferred securely to your password-protected Phown account using 256-bit SSL encryption. Then you enjoy full control on what information you want to delete: individual calls or messages, a whole import, an entire person's history or your account.
Manybots' Phown - Own your phones
Take your information elsewhere
Connect with 3rd party applications to take your information where you need it most and where you can make more use of it.

It's fast and easy. Import Calls and Messages once for free. Delete your account anytime.