Help: Importing from Gmail

Importing from Gmail

Android owners can easily import calls and messages from their Gmail account, using one of these two compatible applications:

You can import your data for free the first time. If you choose to buy unlimited usage of Phown, we'll automatically keep your data up to date if you so choose.

Android setup

Simply install one of the compatible applications and start backing up your calls and/or messages to your Gmail account.

Important: Please leave the default Label settings (Call log for calls, SMS for messages).

Phown setup

Go to the New Import section and link your Phown account to your Gmail account.

Phown doesn't ask you for your Gmail account credentials. Instead, you'll authorize Phown to access your account. You can revoke this authorization at any time on any of both sides.

Once your account is linked, click import to start importing!

That's it ;)

Submitted by Alex Solleiro.