iPhone via Mac

Because the iPhone doesn't allow Apps to access the Call and SMS History, Phown offers you an alternative way for you to benefit from your own information.

Start visualizing the calls and messages on your iPhone in no time.

Phown Importer for Mac

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This free utility is the easiest way to get your iPhone data into Phown. Phown Importer for Mac takes advantage of your natural workflow of syncing your iPhone with iTunes and handles all the import process for you.
How to use
Launch Phown Importer for Mac and follow the simple steps. Repeat after each iTunes sync.
Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7). Does my Mac meet the requirements?
  • Easily import data
  • Import Calls and/or Messages (including Facetime and iMessages)
  • Encrypted data transfer with 256-bit SSL
  • Use with multiple iPhones and Phown accounts

Phown Importer for Mac is developed and supported by Manybots IT Lda., the developer of Phown.