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Calls Pie

  • How many calls do I make and receive?
  • Who are the people I talk to the most?
  • Exactly how long do I spend on the phone with them?
  • Who calls who the most?
  • Who do I send the most messages to?
  • On what weekday do I spend the most time on the phone?
  • How much did I communicate with this client?
  • How much do these guys spam me?
  • And much more...

About Phown

For the curious, Phown is a refreshing experience. It's an opportunity to see information about yourself that you had never seen before. It's surprising and fun.

For professionals, self trackers and family managers, Phown is a tool. It gives you control over your phone usage information and helps you squeeze an increasing amount of juice out of it.

For everyone: Phown is part of your cloud of data, information and intelligence. It's a lasting place where your information is at your disposal. And it's super easy to use.

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A product by Manybots

Manybots is a personal intelligence platform. We enable individuals to leverage their information with apps and visualizations that centralize, explore and connect their digital activities.


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Niko Roberts

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Major parts of Phown are built using great technologies and resources made available by the community. In this section, we acknowledge some of these elements and their authors.

Phown was also only made possible thanks to a group of early testers and direct contributors, from code to features to strategy. Big thanks to: