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Phown is the easiest, most powerful way to backup, explore and connect your phone calls and messages.

Backup your calls and messages
Stop depending on phone makers, carriers, employers, location or computers and start owning your communications.
Get stats on calls, messages and people
Who are the people who call you the most? How much time you spend on the phone with your clients? Know your facts for fun and profit.
Export, connect and share your information
Create and export reports of your calls and messages. Share them with friends, coworkers or clients and make communications intelligence work for you.

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Use Phown to...

Backup your calls and messages
Phown provides a web backup of your data, that you can safely explore and use in your daily life. It's not just a backup file seating on some disk -- it's a rich application, always available, that gives you total ownership. It turns your data into information.
Maximize relationship management
Are you billing your clients for the time you spend on the phone with them? With Phown, it's easy to get started. You'll be able to quantify your communications with each of your clients, vendors and colleagues and use that intelligence to your benefit.
Control your costs
"My mom uses Phown to balance her phone bill". Thanks to Phown, you don't have to look at a bunch of of phone numbers and call durations in order to control your costs -- you can navigate the information and get a global overview of how you communicate with people, and control your costs globally.
Quantify yourself
When it comes to talking on the phone, which day of the week is your busiest? How many hours per month do you spend on the phone? How many words do you send and receive? Use Phown to get detailed statistics about your habits and use them in your self-tracking and self-improvement strategy.

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